Art Teacher 


Heetal Dattani Joshi is an artist, designer, children's book illustrator and an art educator. She has over a decade of experience in various advertising and design agencies across Asia. She is extremely passionate about children’s literature and has illustrated books for kids across India, Singapore and Malaysia. Her fondest childhood memories involve long blissful afternoons spent in the company of her paints and brushes, expressing her deepest thoughts and ideas through her art. Inspired by her love of storytelling and art she launched a design label of kid’s accessories and home décor called ‘Beetle and Bottle’. She is also the founder of ‘The Little Red Gallery’ in Singapore - an art studio aimed at imparting art education to kids in her own unique and intuitive style, where the focus is on inculcating the love for creating freely and without inhibitions.


Why I Teach Art

I believe that every child is an artist and that every child is born with a wonderful sense of imagination that needs to be nurtured and encouraged. I use art to spark their natural sense of curiosity about various topics – to motivate them to learn and love learning about our world. Kids have a beautiful untainted hunger to absorb spontaneously and freely. Spending time with them, inventing innovative ways to feed this hunger and watching them create without fear and inhibitions, energises and inspires me immensely.


My Teaching Style

For me, Art is much more than a painting or a craft activity. It's a beautiful, sensorial language that helps kids to express themselves in the most powerful ways. I introduce kids through interactive storytelling sessions, to the lives and the styles of the greatest artists of all times - Renaissance Masters like Michelangelo and Leonardo, Impressionists like Monet and Van Gogh and Modernists like Picasso and Andy Warhol. Through these diverse styles and times, I teach children how to appreciate art and encourage them to use creative thinking and attention to detail in every aspect of their lives. More than anything else, I enable children to find true joy in creating, regardless of the outcome.