Finding it hard to find the perfect private space during this pandemic? How do we find a studio that offers a beautiful backdrop, while being safe? During these uncertain times, this seems like quite a dilemma. Whether you are looking for a space to shoot, scouting the city to rent a space for a few hours, or searching for a special location to celebrate an occasion or even just a private hall to exercise with your loved ones; we have the perfect place for you. Mumbai might seem to fall short of such places, but here’s our No. 1 pick that you could rent out for your next venture.


Studio 23 - Studio 23 offers a bespoke studio setting with unique fitness & wellness options. Not only can they accommodate a large number of trainees in their classes, but the studio is also open to renting out the space. The studio combines sustainability and gives an international feel. Be it any occasion, from a birthday party or sangeet celebration,to a professional shoot, you can book their space. For queries contact - +91 7666269223 Email - emailstudio23@gmail.com.


So next time you choose to venture out of your house, choose a safe, versatile location and transform your event/shoot/occasion into a memorable one.