Mixed Martial Arts & Private Training WITH Adithya iyer 

Adithya iyer 

MMA, Private Training, Strength & Conditioning and Tai Chi Instructor




Coach Adithya Iyer is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer with 3 years of experience. He is also a Mix Martial Artist and holds a Karate Black Belt (Shotokan form). He is currently updating his knowledge in the field of Martial Arts by learning new styles and finishing his certification in Sports Nutrition by ACE and ACSM.



1. ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

2. ESA Certified Personal Trainer

3. Kickboxing

4. Shotokan Karate

5. Self Defence

6. Workshops Attended

• Gut Health

• Anatomy and Kinesiology

• ESA Blackroll Training

• Kalaripayattu Martial Arts

• Bo-Staff Training

• Ground and Pound Movements

• Wrestling

• Special Population

• Hydration and Nutrition

• Sports Injuries


In addition, he has exeprience in training kids (special needs) and adults based in a personal training and group training format. 


Why I Teach Fitness: 

The fitness journey begain in my youth while playing various sports and dabbling in Martial Arts which soon became my passion. Martial Arts and being active and working out made me happy and so i took up teaching which was satisfying and gave me a sense of purpose and direction in my life that I was looking for! My own weight management journey has taught me the value, challenges and importance to help others with it which I love doing.