Have you been told you have PCOS, but just can't seem to get your head around figuring out how to tackle it? Do you want an alternative, instead of taking hormone therapy or pill-popping? Are you sick and tired of PMS; exhaustion; skin troubles; menstrual irregularities (to name a few)? Well, there is a solution! 


Making food and lifestyle changes is actually a huge part of the treatment plan for women who have PCOS. And, we promise it is much easier than it sounds. So many women have reclaimed their health and reversed their symptoms; leading them to find their true selves and best lives. And, in this 'PCOS 101' workshop you'll learn food and lifestyle recommendations to help manage your symptoms and thrive! 


We look forward to seeing you take charge of your health on December 12th 2018 at 6.30pm at Studio 23. 


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After their successful first Learning workshop, here comes round two! If you’ve ever wondered why we exercise, now is your chance to learn!  Come and find out exactly what is happening inside your body when we stretch, squat or go for a jog.  You’ll also learn about what to avoid and how to better your posture

This is the Science Behind Exercise and its designed to help you understand your body better than ever before!  This one is a real treat because we’re bringing in two women who are both masters of their craft!


Tamara Zweck’s reputation precedes her!  She’s the Head Medical Consultant to the Indian Premier League (IPL)for IMG London and resident physiotherapist at Studio 23 through her practice 206 Optimal Movement! Tamara will teach you exactly what’s happening beneath the skin when you exercise.  With the help of ‘Jigsaw’ the skeleton, you’ll learn will which muscles and joints are working during different exercises.  Along with this detailed visualization, she’ll also teach you what you can learn from the way our body works.


Then there’s Cindy Jourdain, the Celebrity Trainer who’s trusted by the top talents in the country.  She’s the one who will make sure you put what you’ve learned to the test.  Cindy will run you through a solid workout, including an intense squat routine and deadlift drills.  We promise you won’t leave without getting a good sweat!


So get ready because we’re bringing these two together just for YOU!  Now we are turning the training room into a classroom!



This interactive workshop is designed to change the way you approach exercise from the inside out.  You can expect to learn essential techniques and tips to boost your fitness journey!  Your teachers will be focusing on twoof the most fundamental movements in training:


The Deadlift:  You’ll learn a series of exercises that will help you improve your deadlift.  Tamara will help you visualize what’s happening on an anatomical level when you hinge your hip.  Cindy will guide you through a kneeling drill, the sumo deadlift, the Romanian deadlift.  She’ll also show you a few other fun variations to make sure that you really understand what you’re learning!


The Squat:  Everyone knows that from your glutes to your calves, squats can help build your leg muscles.  Maybe what you didn’t know is that a solid squat routine can help trigger body wide muscle development.  Tamara will give you a leg up and explain exactly what’s going on behind the curtains.  Cindy will make sure you feel what’s going on!  You’ll learn several exercises to improve your squat including fire hydrants, the goblet and lots more!


 We look forward to seeing you for 'The Science Behind Exercise with Cindy and Tamara' on September 30th 2017 from 2.00 to 4.00 pm at Studio 23.


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Our health, habits, physiology, psyche, and even metabolism  have a strong hereditary component, whose information is coded in our genome, the DNA that forms the building block of our cells. Genetic counselors at Mapmygenome are experts in genetics and health sciences who help you understand your health history and family history, and guide you in making informed choices towards better health. Genetic counseling includes assessment of health history with the aim of facilitating:

1. Awareness of risks for common diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancers, etc. 

2. Reproductive decision making: pre-conception for couples who want to be proactive, women who will be 35 years or older at delivery, couples who have a previous child with a diagnosed/suspected genetic condition, are dealing with infertility,  or who have had more than 3 miscarriages.

3. Diagnosis and medical management for children with a suspected genetic condition including birth defects, cleft lip/palate, developmental delays, mental retardation, autism spectrum disorder, seizures, hearing/vision loss, muscle disorders, metabolic disorders, etc

4. Diagnosis and medical management for adults with family history of personal history of heart disorders, diabetes, neurological conditions, and cancers

5. Preventive medicine for proactive healthy individuals who want to identify and reduce their risks for diseases in order to stay healthy



Priti conducts various workshops. The most popular of these are Posture and Body Alignment (Special batches for teens), Barefoot Benefits (Special batches for senior citizens), Foundations of Fitness and Exercise and Injury Prevention. She also conducts her own 3 day interactive fitness workshop called Optimal eQ, open to all age groups. It's primary aim is to educate people about the principles of movement, with insights on related subjects such as nutrition, injury and weight management.