Its shaping up to be a fun weekend with Calisthenics on Saturday and now our first Aerial Fitness workshop on Sunday! 


In this workshop, you will work on active stretching methods, range of motion and strengthening as well as elongation of your muscles on the hammock! Expect some Inversions too while your at it. 


Its fun and challenging workshop to say the least so hope to see you all! 


When: This Sunday: 11am to 12.30pm

Maximum of 7 Hammocks Available for this one only so book ASAP!


Its shaping up to be a fun weekend with Calisthenics on Saturday and now our first Aerial Fitness workshop on Sunday! 


In this workshop, you will work on active stretching methods, range of motion and strengthening as well as elongation of your muscles on the hammock! Expect some Inversions too while your at it. 


Its fun and challenging workshop to say the least so hope to see you all! 


When: This Sunday: 11am to 12.30pm

Maximum of 7 Hammocks Available for this one only so book ASAP!



Best Calisthenics Workout in Mumbai


As we aim to bring you a variation of workshops on weekends, we help you build strength with our calisthenics workout in Mumbai.


In Calistheincs 101 ( All Levels), we will work with you on gymnastic rings , introducing you to straight arm strength and back lever exercises. Preparatory exercises and technique work to advance in Calisthenics will be your take home from this workshop.


What is Calisthenics?


At the most basic level, "calisthenics is resistance training with your own bodyweight," says Autumn Calabrese. It's designed to improve strength, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, and aerobic conditioning-just about every skill you need to be a fit human being. "It is an art form of using your own bodyweight as a means to maximize human power and athletic ability," says Tee Major, a U.S. military fitness instructor and author of Urban Calisthenics. The fundamental goal of calisthenics should be mastering control over lifting and moving your body in space.


To get the best tips from our expert instructor, attend our workshop on calisthenics workout in Mumbai. Seats are filling in, so register your name at the earliest!


Join us to explore the relationship between your shoulder blades, chest and neck muscles to improve your posture, improve your breathing and increase your energy. Learn simple stretches and binds to release your tightness and tension that you have stored in these regions of your body. 



Been sitting for long periods in the office or on your couch late in the evening? Or doing a bunch of cardio but missing out on hip opening stretches regularly? Then your hips are probably making you a tight ass! 


Join Dr. Amol Kachare, resident Ashtanga teacher at Studio 23 as he will help you release stiffness and increase strength and flexibility in your hips, legs, and lower back. Dr.Amol will teach you techniques that will safely open your hips to release muscular and / or emotional tension in this workshop. 



We’ve got a relaxing Saturday in store for you starting with a gentle yin yoga class (holding asanas for long periods of time with awareness of the breath & body) followed by a 45 minute sound healing savasana. Also known as Nada Yoga, this is an ancient scientific practice that promotes emotional and physical well being through sound vibrations using singing bowls. 


And to end the evening, Prana Kitchen is serving their house brewed Kombucha & millet salad bowls!


You don't wanna this! This one has limited spots so please book soon. 



Join us for our Backbends workshop this Sunday, 28th July 2019 from 11am to 12.30pm with Dr.Amol Kachare who will take us through basic techniques to open your lumbar ,thoracic and cervical spine while incorporating anterior, posterior pelvis tilts and quadriceps and hip flexors in your backbends. We will also work on Rajkapotasana and various other backdrop techniques.


Early Bird Contribution (Till Wednesday Julu 24th): INR 900 plus tax 

Your Contribution After Wednesday: INR 1000 plus tax


Dr.Kachare is an MD in Ayurveda from the National Institute of Ayurveda in Jaipur. His training is in Kayachikitsa, internal medicine.  When it comes to yoga, he is a dedicated practitioner with a deep interest in the science of Yoga.  He has a special interest in the role that yoga and ayurveda can play in body rejuvenation and preventive care.


This two-part meditation workshop by  the Cocoon team who are down from the UK offers a complete immersion into the practice of Jnana Vichara, or self-inquiry, leading to that which the Buddha found. The founders of Cocoon, Benaisha and Rishad, will guide you through 7/FLOW – an awareness-based movement practice, and SUB/MERGE – their potent guided meditation, culminating in taking the body and mind back to the source where both suffering and the sufferer disappear.


The full programme includes two in-person workshops at Studio 23 plus a full week of online content, including guided meditations, Q+A, suggested reading etc. to keep you merged in your practice between the two sessions. 




Learn Handstands in Mumbai

Inversions are impressive and have so many lessons to teach you about patience, determination, strength and changing direction. To learn handstands in Mumbai, join the very talented team of Neha Duseja and Avinash Kumar as they take you through the journey of 'All the Inversions in a safe, sound and impressive structure.


DAY 1 - Saturday, 1st June


- Strength & flexibility drills

- Anatomy of foundations

- Stacking & alignment

- Breathing & blindfolds

- Variations, transitions & modifications

- Scorpion drills

- Observation tools to measure your progress


DAY 2 - Sunday, 2nd June

HANDSTANDS - Strengthening & flexibility

- Co-ordination & balance drills (Understanding how to engage the whole body as one)

- Where the weight goes/how to use the hands

- Alignment (5 actions & that's it!) push, suck it in, engage, squeeze, point

- Daily practice ideas & progressions

- Teaching handstands

- Partner work

- Drills & skills


With our instructors, you can learn the best techniques and practise effective handstand exercises. So, book your spot and learn handstands in Mumbai.


Catch the Early Bird Rate when you book by May 23rd! 


Our 2nd Full Moon Meditation is back by popular demand. We invite you to join Lamya Arsiwala for a full moon meditation and asana practice at the Studio at 7pm on May 18th 2019. Our first full moon meditation with Lamya was very well received last month in April so don't miss this one!  

Lamya will use this potent time to open up to the abundance around us, realise and release any self created obstacles and lay a clean new slate to welcome blessings over the next lunar cycle 🌕🌔🌓🌒🌑.



Introducing a whole month of 'Core Strength' this April and May 2019 every Tuesday and Thursday (7.45am) with Neha Duseja, a senior Yogi ( who visits us again from Dubai. Neha is absolutely terrific and we strongly recommend her workshops.



- More core strength and stability - More core engagement - Better balance and posture - Lightness in asana practice - More success in arm balances and inversions



Core stability and strength are essential for a healthy body. Better posture, better balance and preventing injury and back pain, all begin with a strong core. Fun, strong, sweaty practices and understanding complete core engagement to create powerful yoga postures are just some of the things you should expect twice a week! Let's get strong, let's get stable, let's grow full of confidence from the inside out!


Each week, we will do two practices under one theme. While the topic may be the same the sequences will differ based on the physical goal


📆 Week 1 - CORE STRENGTH AND STANDING BALANCES - Theory of equal and opposites

- Principle of adduction (Unlocking inner thigh strength)

- Weight distribution in the feet and channeling strength - Balancing on two and then one leg

📆 Week 2 - ALL ABOUT THE OBLIQUES - Understanding the difference between the internal and external obliques

- Core strength versus core stability - Planks and Twists - Lower back and shoulder health

📆 Week 3 - CORE STRENGTH AND ARM BALANCES - The relationship of the breath and core to create lightness - The relationship of the core and lower body to create flight - The power of pushing the floor away - Different arm balance shapes need different recruitment and different core strengths

📆 Week 4 - CORE STRENGTH AND INVERSIONS - The relationship between the core and lower body - Core stability - isolation work specifically for inversions - Working with the core upside down - Handstands, headstands, forearm stands


Heart Chakra (Anahata) Opening: This workshop will focus on the chest & heart area of the body where one gives and receives love. Lamya will take you into movement and meditation practices that open and help you release any blocks stored in the chest region.

Participants will feel a deeper connection to oneself and with others as you unblock any past emotions that maybe bringing you down that are still lingering.


About Lamya Arsiwala

Lamya has been teaching dynamic vinyasa flow yoga, alignment inspired hatha yoga and meditation for the past eight years. Infusing aligned movement with meridian work, her classes are intended to create connection, release and relaxation. She has been a student of Iyengar, kundalini and Sivananda styles of yoga.


As the co – owner at The Yoga House, Mumbai (a yoga studio & café), now operational for 5 years with two operating centers, she successfully ran the brand for 4 years. Currently, having made her way back into the corporate world, she continues to teach part time, coach and hosts yoga retreats around India. Retreats offer her students an opportunity for self reflection, self appreciation and time to soak in the wisdom of nature. She chooses tiger reserves, mountains and beaches as locations to host these retreats with the belief that time in nature effortlessly harmonizes one with their true essence.


Her one on one coaching sessions are driven by the idea that potent and lasting evolution often happens off the mat, and unresolved emotional blocks inhibit individuals’ from living their highest potential. She uses ayurveda, reiki, essential oils and writing practices among others to offer emotional wellbeing.

With twelve years in practice, she believes that the journey of self-discovery is never ending and one is always a student of life.


Her practices help her lead a life of inspiration and creativity!



Have you been told you have PCOS, but just can't seem to get your head around figuring out how to tackle it? Do you want an alternative, instead of taking hormone therapy or pill-popping? Are you sick and tired of PMS; exhaustion; skin troubles; menstrual irregularities (to name a few)? Well, there is a solution! 


Making food and lifestyle changes is actually a huge part of the treatment plan for women who have PCOS. And, we promise it is much easier than it sounds. So many women have reclaimed their health and reversed their symptoms; leading them to find their true selves and best lives. And, in this 'PCOS 101' workshop you'll learn food and lifestyle recommendations to help manage your symptoms and thrive! 


We look forward to seeing you take charge of your health on December 12th 2018 at 6.30pm at Studio 23. 


If you happen to miss the workshop, do remember to subscribe to our mailing list before you log off from our website!



After their successful first Learning workshop, here comes round two! If you’ve ever wondered why we exercise, now is your chance to learn!  Come and find out exactly what is happening inside your body when we stretch, squat or go for a jog.  You’ll also learn about what to avoid and how to better your posture

This is the Science Behind Exercise and its designed to help you understand your body better than ever before!  This one is a real treat because we’re bringing in two women who are both masters of their craft!


Tamara Zweck’s reputation precedes her!  She’s the Head Medical Consultant to the Indian Premier League (IPL)for IMG London and resident physiotherapist at Studio 23 through her practice 206 Optimal Movement! Tamara will teach you exactly what’s happening beneath the skin when you exercise.  With the help of ‘Jigsaw’ the skeleton, you’ll learn will which muscles and joints are working during different exercises.  Along with this detailed visualization, she’ll also teach you what you can learn from the way our body works.


Then there’s Cindy Jourdain, the Celebrity Trainer who’s trusted by the top talents in the country.  She’s the one who will make sure you put what you’ve learned to the test.  Cindy will run you through a solid workout, including an intense squat routine and deadlift drills.  We promise you won’t leave without getting a good sweat!


So get ready because we’re bringing these two together just for YOU!  Now we are turning the training room into a classroom!



This interactive workshop is designed to change the way you approach exercise from the inside out.  You can expect to learn essential techniques and tips to boost your fitness journey!  Your teachers will be focusing on twoof the most fundamental movements in training:


The Deadlift:  You’ll learn a series of exercises that will help you improve your deadlift.  Tamara will help you visualize what’s happening on an anatomical level when you hinge your hip.  Cindy will guide you through a kneeling drill, the sumo deadlift, the Romanian deadlift.  She’ll also show you a few other fun variations to make sure that you really understand what you’re learning!


The Squat:  Everyone knows that from your glutes to your calves, squats can help build your leg muscles.  Maybe what you didn’t know is that a solid squat routine can help trigger body wide muscle development.  Tamara will give you a leg up and explain exactly what’s going on behind the curtains.  Cindy will make sure you feel what’s going on!  You’ll learn several exercises to improve your squat including fire hydrants, the goblet and lots more!


 We look forward to seeing you for 'The Science Behind Exercise with Cindy and Tamara' on September 30th 2017 from 2.00 to 4.00 pm at Studio 23.


If you happen to miss the workshop, do remember to subscribe to our mailing list before you log off from our website!