Fitness Class · 30. October 2020
The term ‘Mental Health’ has been misunderstood by many. And yet it remains one of the most important concerns in one's life. The untimely death of Bollywood Superstar - Sushant Singh Rajput has led to many a conversation on depression and mental health throughout the country. The rising rate of suicides too forces us to really look into the mental well-being of not only those near and dear but ourselves too. Studio 23 believes a change in your lifestyle can positively impact your mental...
Fitness Class · 27. October 2020
Finding it hard to find the perfect private space during this pandemic? How do we find a studio that offers a beautiful backdrop, while being safe? During these uncertain times, this seems like quite a dilemma. Whether you are looking for a space to shoot, scouting the city to rent a space for a few hours, or searching for a special location to celebrate an occasion or even just a private hall to exercise with your loved ones; we have the perfect place for you. Mumbai might seem to fall short...
Fitness Challenge · 25. October 2020
“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” —Napoleon Hill We live in a very fast paced world. Everything is evolving so quickly that we don’t have time for ourselves. It is very important however that we live a meaningful life. A life full of happiness, a life of caring for others and a life of love. As the fast paced digital world takes over, it is vital to connect with ourselves and make minor changes to improve our lives. Some changes that could go a long...
Fitness Challenge · 21. September 2020
Live fitness classes have greater benefits than apps or pre-recorded fitness videos. The blog outlines a comparative study between the duo.
Fitness Class · 02. September 2020
High-Intensity Interval Training can be effective only if you follow the right methods. In this blog, we’ll outline how you can make the most of a HIIT workout.
Fitness Challenge · 13. August 2020
Anyone who wants to participate in the lifestyle challenge in Mumbai must know the myths about healthy food and their intake as well. Find here some busted myths.
Yoga Classes · 03. August 2020
To learn the art of mindfulness, attend professional yoga classes in Mumbai. Find here some tips that you must follow to attain mindfulness through workout.