HIIT | Pilates Instructor


I have been in the fitness industry for over 18 years now where I have had hands on experience as a group and personal trainer. I have been associated with and have been on Reebok University's  training committee for several years while conducting several batches of their courses. Some of my certifications are: 

  • Certified Health and Fitness Instructor (ACSM, USA)
  • Certified Rehab Trainer (APA Sports Physiotherapist,  Australia)
  • Certified in Metabolic and Functional Assessment and Training (ACE)
  • Certified in Pilates ( Pilates Institute of America,  PIA) 
  • Kickboxing and Sports Conditioning (Reebok University)
  • Spinning ( Mad Dogg Athletics,  USA)
  • Marathon Training (UK)
  • Certified Barefoot Trainer (EBFA, USA)
  • Youth Exercise Specialist ( NASM, USA)
  • Senior Fitness Specialist (NASM, USA)
  • Consultant and Program Developer (Klienetics, Kids fitness)

Why I Teach

I teach because I grow with my clients while the learning never stops. I teach simply because I love it,  and over the years,  working with various groups and with people of all ages, I feel that I have achieved my goal of motivating them to learn to love their body type while showing them the magic of what exercise can do for them. What I value most is seeing people getting progressively better, especially after the rehab sessions. I do consider myself lucky to have made my passion my profession.



Fitness has been a passion for as long as I can remember,  and my goal as a fitness trainer has always been to motivate people to improve the quality of their lives by making long term beneficial changes,  thereby helping them to take charge of their own wellbeing.


Movement is the essence of all training, and my primary aim is to educate people about the principles of movement through exercise, and learn to love it...rather than treat it as a chore or something that they "have" to do.

If this is achieved through my fitness sessions,  then the 'exercise' is well worth it!



Having trained students of all ages and various groups for over 15 years,  my teaching style is simple,  fun and easy to follow.  In any group class,  there is bound to be a mix of students with varying age groups and levels of fitness. Options are always given within a movement pattern,  which may be progressive or regressive in nature,  depending on what an individual may require.


Safety is primarily important, with emphasis on form and body alignment.

All classes have music relative to the type of workout,  with change in beat and tempo as required,  keeping safety guidelines in mind. Overall,  I try and keep my classes simple but effective, and fun with some variety to keep the students engaged,  progressing as and when the class is ready.