Fitness Instructor (Athelete and Injury Rehab, Posture Correction) 


Dr Preeti Gabale is a qualified doctor but gave up her profession to venture into the field of fitness and health education. She has numerous certifications through various reputed organisations and is always looking to upgrade her knowledge to stay up to date. There aren't many around like her! 



1) Reebok Certified in 

a) Step & Floor Aerobics

b) Jukari

c) Flexible strength (Power Yoga)

d) Reebok Core Pilates

e) Training Female Clients

f) High Performance Core Training

g) Gliding

h) Circuit Training

i) Martial Arts – Cardio Kickboxing

j) Cardio Fusion

k) Strala Yoga (Strala University)

l) Metabolic Training


2) Attended Reebok Resolution 2008, 2009, 2010,2013,2014,2015 which certifies in

a) Bosu ball

b) Functional Training

c) Interval Training

d) Pilates and Power Yoga

3) ESA (Exercise Science Academy) Certified

4) ACSM certified 

5) ACSM Workshops attended

a) Kettle Bell

b) Special population

c) Sports Injuries

d) Hydration and Nutrition

e) Functional Training

f) Marathon Training

g) Prenatal and postnatal fitness

h) Knee Rehabilitation Trainer

i) Athletic Training    

j) Sports Injuries

k) Advanced Knee Rehab

l) Sacroiliac Joint Injury


6) ACE Workshops

a) ACE Integrated Fitness Training

b) Functional Assessments and Stability Mobility Training


7) PRENATAL & POSTNATAL Fitness Educator by CAPPA International

8) Certified in CPR, First Aid and Basic Life Support

9) Certified Yog Shikshak with Yog Vidya Gurukul

10) A Trained Bharatnatyam dancer with Raj Rajeshwari, Matunga for 24 years

11)   Barefoot Training Specialist by EBFA

12) Rehab trainer by rehab essentials


In addition, she has trained several athletes and specialises in injury rehabilitation having worked with doctors and physiotherapists. She has conducted seminars and awareness sessions for various multinational companies, clubs, athletic institutions and has specifically formulated group fitness sessions. They include cardiovascular ,body toning, stability and flexibility training to provide maximum benefits to students with each session being different and challenging as she believes that workout needs to be fun and effective at the same time. She strongly recommends getting back to the basics for a perfect posture and injury free workout.



This journey began when I myself weighed 85kgs. In the process of losing weight, I injured and abused my body which made me want to help myself. It was then that I got introduced to Reebok fitness and then there was no looking back from then on. Now after almost 12 years into this field, it gives me immense pleasure to help others achieve a healthy life. I aspire to gain more knowledge and pass it on to my students as I believe that being fit is a journey and not a destination in which my students are the driving force which make me do better each day.