strength & Conditioning WITH CYRUS KHAN 

Cyrus khan  

Calisthenics, Handstands, Movement & Parkour Instructor  



There's not many that come like Cyrus Khan. Cyrus is one of the favourites at Studio 23 and rightly so. He's got this unique inspiration and motivation embedded in his voice that is infectious to get any level of practioner going. You'll never feel out of place with him leading class as he genuinely believes you are capable of anything if you're willing to put in the work. 


Cyrus teaches Calisthenics, Handstands, Movement & Parkour at the Studio. He is also one of the programmers of the Studio 23 Lifestyle Challenge where he looks after the Strength & Conditioning component of the challenge besides motivating everyone to get the job done! The newly launched 23 Day Handstands Challenge is programmed by him which is open to all ability levels.