covid - 19 SOPS


In the lockdown, we have invested in the following that would keep us well prepared to welcome back members safely through our doors. Please have a quick look at the video above that will give you a good sense but to recap: 


1. We have made our windows openable to increase the ventilitaion in both studios 


2. Invested in the Sanomist air and surface heavy duty fogger (see video above) that uses approved eco friendly disinfectants that allows us to confidently sanitise both the air and the surfaces it settles on before your arrive and after you leave 


3. Though there are not many high touch areas in the studio, we sanitise all of them after use ( switches, taps, door and window knobs, equipment, silks, barre, music system) 


4. We have applicable Covid markers along the Studio to remind members to wear their masks / face shields and to keep social distance 




sops for visiting the studio

1. Pick up your Membership Plans and Book in for Class prior to coming in via the Studio 23 Mumbai app to reduce face time in the corridors 


2. Upon Entering, please wear a mask or face shield. Mouth and Nose to be covered. For low intensity classes like the Aerials, a light cotton mask or face shield must be worn by members and trainers 


3. Studio windows, now openable will be left open during all classes. Members and trainers must maintain 6 feet distance within the Studio  


4. Before entering, please cooperate with a smile under your masks if possible to have your temperature and oxygen levels checked and do remember to sanitise your hands before and after when you leave for your safety and others  


5. Carry your own mats and a small towel


6. If your class involves wearing shoes, you must carry a clean pair of indoor shoes and change into them at the Studio itself


7. Our Locker service and shower will be closed temporarily so please carry limited items  


8. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your class starts to settle in without rushing through the entry process 


9. After your session, kindly leave the premises shortly so that we can begin sanitising before the next batch arrives. This will also ensure any crowding in the lobby area of the Studio


10. For Aerial Silk & Aerial Fitness classes, each member will be assigned to their own silk / hammock to ensure your safety. 


11. This one is very important: If you have recently travelled on a flight / public transport, attended a large function or are feeling unwell or been exposed to family / friends who have recently tested positive for Covid - 19, please refrain from coming to class and let us know on We will pause your memberships for you till you are ready to safely come back and join us.



Let us all vow to take full responsibility for ourselves and more importantly for other members, trainers and Studio staff so that we can keep visiting the Studio safely to enjoy good health and our collective passion to learn and grow. It’s been a long time and we can’t wait to welcome you all back safely and we mean it!