individual design

The Individual Design Program (IDP) developed by Opex Fitness (USA) and programmed by Mr.Vidur Gupta, OPEX CCP Certified Coach & India Ambassador (with the S23 Team of coaches) is a scientifically-backed program that offers a number of benefits over private training programs offered in regular gyms. Here are a few key benefits of the IDP:

initial consult

IDP starts with a 60 to 90 min deep dive conversation with Coach Vidur tracing back your journey to understanding your values as a person, what you want from life and your fitness & health goals. Sharing whats most important to you will give us great insights of where we can take you. 

Nutrition guidance

The IDP also includes a customized nutrition guidance that is tailored to the individual's specific goals, needs, and dietary preferences. This helps to ensure that the individual is fueling their body properly to support their training and recovery.


The IDP incorporates various modalities, such as full body resistance training, aerobic / anaerobic training and mobility work, to create a well-rounded program that addresses all aspects of fitness.


The IDP starts with a thorough assessment of an individual's movement patterns. This information will give us insights into strengths & weaknesses and is our basis to create a personalized fitness program that is tailored to the individual's specific needs and goals.


Without having your lifestyle component in check, it is extremely difficult to reach goals and optimum vitality. We will look at all aspects of lifestlye to ensure that you are on the right path in terms of your sleep, recovery, relaxation and hydration levels. 

equals no guess work

The Opex Fitness IDP is based on scientific research in the field of sound exercise principles and are continuously updated with the latest research to ensure our members get a highly personalised, methodical and well rounded program to vitality and physical freedom


The IDP uses progressive and periodized programming, which means that the program is designed to gradually increase in intensity and complexity over time. Instead of the conventional approach in gyms to training body parts, we believe in training the 6 functional movement patterns to build overall strength for everyday use. This approach allows for consistent progress and helps to prevent plateaus. All the magic happens here!


Continual evaluation and adaptation: The IDP includes regular evaluations of an individual's progress and adaptations are made to the program weekly and monthly as needed. This ensures that the program is always challenging and relevant to the individual's goals and needs.

In summary, the Opex Fitness Individual Design Program offers a scientifically-backed approach to personal training that is tailored to the individual's specific needs and goals. By using progressive and periodized programming, continual evaluation and adaptation, and integration of various modalities, the IDP can help individuals achieve their fitness goals more effectively than private training programs in regular gyms. Additionally, the IDP includes a customized nutrition plan and lifestyle guidance backed by science, making it a comprehensive program for you. 

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