Fitness and BootCamp Instructor


I started playing football at the age of 8 in Baroda. Over the next few years, I was selected to play at various state level and all-India tournaments. I captained my state U-19 team for two years and dreamt of playing in the top football leagues in the country. However, due to a torn knee ligament I was unable to continue playing competitively. This injury was the turning point in my career and made me realise that I had the skill and stamina to play football but I did not have the physical strength that the game required. Two days after my injury was the first time I visited a gym and I immediately started working on gaining strength without any guidance. 


Three months into life at the gym, I found my calling and came across CrossFit. I was self motivated and learnt through YouTube videos although not knowing much about form and technique. At the age of 20, I came to Mumbai for a few days to learn CrossFit at a CrossFit Gym. I then went to Philippines to do the CrossFit L-1 Certification and became a full time trainer at Reebok CrossFit, Colaba. 


I developed an interest in various avenues of fitness / wellness like weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance and physical therapy. I have also spent 3 months in California learning from the best in their fields while completing the CrossFit Kids Certification. 



Through my years as a trainer, I feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement when I am able to see my students progress. I strongly believe that motivation plays a major role in helping people through their fitness journey.



I like to encourage a community like atmosphere in my classes, bringing together men and women of all ages and fitness levels. There is never a reason to be intimidated in my classes.