yoga for kids BY yoga zoo

Ravinder kaur and jasmeet kaur  

Yoga Instructors


Yoga Zoo was founded by Ravinder Kaur, a qualified Yoga Shiromani from Sivananda Institute in Kerala. She is also qualified in Bhaskara of Yoga from Vedanta Forest Academy / International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre & The Yoga Institute. She is a counselor and has done her diploma foundations in Yoga Philosophy from the Mumbai University. Her vast experience in Yoga spans almost thirty five years. Ravinder firmly believes that education is an ongoing process and she stills considers herself to be a student: learning every day. Mrs. Jasmeet Kaur co-founder, counselor and a qualified teacher from the Yoga Institute, received a diploma certificate in Foundations in Yoga Philosophy from Mumbai University. Her experience in the field is vast and includes fourteen years as a community welfare patron at Guru Gyan Club. Her experience teaching children of the club Value Education through the play-way method helped create the foundation for Yoga Zoo techniques that teach children with patience and understanding.


Some of the annual Yoga Zoo events are Spiderman Yoga, Circus Yoga, Buddy Yoga, Pyjama Yoga, Michelangelo’s Therapy, Karma Yoga, Kirtana Yoga and Sharing & Caring Yoga.