What is the Lifestyle Challenge? 


We created the Lifestyle Challenge for you to achieve better physical, emotional & mental health by working on various lifestyle elements.


The Lifestyle Challenge is programmed with a philosophy of being consistent everyday with a program that is really sustainable for you to achieve optimal health not just for the short term BUT for years to come.  


We ask you to workout with us 6 days a week where we focus on building upper & lower body strength with a big emphasis on improving your flexibility as this area is often overlooked! We'll work with you on building your cardiovascular endurance and core as well. 


You will receive a comprehensive nutrition e-book that will ensure your eating right, have you drinking enough water, we’ll look at how you're sleeping with guidelines for you to follow, limit your exposure to blue light before calling it a day which gets tough for some but trust me it's very doable! your movement will be tracked to see if you’ve been active or just sitting around, we'll arm you with guided meditations and weekly yoga nidras that we've curated for you and have you clock daily silence time for you to slow down time so you can reflect.. 


Now that’s a lifestyle we want for you in the next 30 days with us that will leave you in a zone of high energy feeling more positive, vibrant, fitter and healthier for it.. The daily programming is enjoyable and not designed to burn anyone out so what are you waiting for!

Success Stories

Hear about the experience, first hand from some of our previous participants

Meet the Programmers

We have curated a panel of experts to cater to the various aspects of a healthy lifestyle. 

Cyrus Khan


Acrobat, Teaching



Parkour, Mobility

and Motivation.

Ria Bajaj



Teaching Aerial

Silk, Aerial

Fitness and


Kripa Jalan

Nutritionist &

Wellness Consultant.

MPH in Nutrition

Candidate, Harvard


Arpreet Bajaj

Studio 23 Founder,

Certified Football



Get a glimpse of our training to get a feel of the class


■ Daily Programmed Workouts which will focus on: Body Weight Strength Training, Flexibility & Mobility,

High Intensity Cardio and Emphasis on Deep Rest & Recovery through Yoga Nidra sessions

(Guided Meditation in Savasana)

■ Eight to Twelve Optional LIVE sessions with Studio 23 Instructors to check on form

■ Guided Meditations by The Art of Living along with daily silence time to destress and slow down

■ A Nutrition & Hydration Challenge from our Nutritionist

■ Sleep Hygiene guidelines to improve your sleep and bedtime

■ A Challenge on Daily Steps taken

■ Daily progress tracker for accountability & staying motivated 

■ Video Submission analysis for form correction

■ Daily recommended menu

■ Be a part of the Lifestyle Challenge community whatsapp group

■ Expert community monitoring to attain your goals

■ Daily unwinding tips

■ Rules on Blue Light Exposure before bed and more..

And the best part is, this takes place from the comfort of your home!


Price: Early Bird INR 9500 / Normal Fee: INR 10,600 inc of taxes  

Customized Nutrition Plan: Available On Request 

Ask us About Our Couples Discount of 23%

Start Date: Taking a short break after 6 editions. Will announce our next one shortly! 

For questions email us on: emailstudio23@gmail.com