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One on ones AT STUDIO 23

A sure way of maximising your results and achieving your targets is by working one on one with our instructors where you are held accountable by them. All our instructors are qualified, experienced and well respected in their fields who will motivate you to be at your best. When you book a personal trainer in Mumbai at Studio 23, you will receive constant advice on workouts and will find an increase in awareness of your own body which will help you progress and meet your goals. If you have any specific requirements or past injuries / medical conditions, it is advised to customize your workouts and let our instructors know before you start your 1st session.


We have a wide range of sessions from Athelete Rehab, Pilates, Calisthenics, Handstands, Functional and various forms of Yoga to choose from.


Booking Procedure: Select the trainer you would like to work with and book them at the available time slots. Due to Covid-19, all our Private training sessions will take place online on the Zoom app.

Please contact us on if you are looking for a bulk rate on Private sessions. 

Book Your Private Trainer in Mumbai

PRITI CHAWLA is available for Private Training sessions for Pilates (On Mat), Animal Flow, Functional Training & Rehab Training. 


DR.AMOL KACHARE is available for Private Training sessions for Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and anything specific to be worked on. Eg: Hip, Back, Hamstrings 


RIA BAJAJ is available for Private Training sessions for Aerial Fitness, Pole Dance and Fitness and Strength and Flexibility.  Book your private trainer in Mumbai.


ANIRUDH GUPTA is available for Private Training sessions for Hatha Yoga, Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga and Hatha Flow. 


Dr.Preeti Gabale is availble for Private Training sessions for Athelete Rehab, Injury Rehab & Posture correction.


FLY HIGH AERIAL ARTS through their team of instructors ( Aditi, Rajmudra) are available for Private Training sessions for Aerial Silk.