How to Attain Mindfulness through Workout

Today, being healthy is not just about having a healthy body, but it emphasises on having a calm, happy and healthy mind as well. Earlier, workouts were focused primarily on the physical aspect. However, trainers around the world are now developing an inclination towards well-balanced exercises that combine high-intensity physical workouts and controlled methods of yoga and Tai chi. It represents a complete synergy between the yang and yin. To learn the perfect blend of exercises, seats are filling in for our  yoga classes in Mumbai.  


To attain this balance, you need to master the art of mindfulness. Want to know what it means?  It is when you are watchful, aware of an intention, and simply in the present. Living and experiencing the moment just as it is when you exercise. Being healthy is when your body and mind are in complete synchronization. A simple way of attaining this balance is when you train the mind to live in the present. After all, your physical body is right here and right now! Once the mind and body have aligned with one another, magic occurs and you step into the zone. Exercising gets easier and more enjoyable for you. Improved fitness levels, yearning to exercise, and fulfilling workout sessions are other positive results. Sounds easy? It’s definitely achievable.

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Here are some of the ways to practice mindfulness during the workout sessions: 


  • Realise your intention – Identifying an intention always drives your motivation to do things. This is applicable even when you are practising mindfulness. Your intention could revolve around losing weight, feeling good about working out or anything under the sun. If it works for you, nothing is stopping you from reaching your goal. 
  • Keep distractions away – Whether you are attending yoga classes or pilates classes in Mumbai, you should keep electronic devices such as mobile phones away to avoid distractions. Dedicate your body and mind to your workout regime. Do not obstruct your mindfulness by trying to multitask. Just be alone with yourself while exercising. 
  • Focus on breathing – To improve mindfulness and focus on the moment, you can practise tuning-in to your breath. You can try using your breath like a tool for enhancing your workout sessions as well as pulling yourself through them. As your breath is about the moment, increase your concentration on it. Doing so will prevent your mind from wavering into the future or the past. 
  • Pay attention to your body – Understanding your body capabilities is extremely important to set realistic expectations. It minimizes the risk of injury and further encourages you to assess your limits. Avoid comparing yourself to others. Focus on how a particular exercise affects your body parts. For instance, when you are doing squats, concentrate on the feelings around your thighs. Pay attention to how your body is reacting to each movement and posture. 
  • Learning to endure pain and discomfort – Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you will feel discomfort and pain while working out. If you feel pain, learn to endure it instead of moving away from it. It shows that you are becoming stronger while extending your limits every day. However, listen to your body in case you feel persistent pain and discomfort. You must realise when to put a stop and when you should push further. This knowledge stems from the state of being mindful.
  • End on a positive note – Once your exercise is over, remember and take away all the positive and good things you felt while working out. Enjoy your accomplishment. Lie down, simply relax, and feel the impact of your body in the present state.

Follow these tips while walking, exercising, cycling, swimming, or other physical workouts. Keep calm if you fail to get it right initially. Do not panic and simply keep practising. As they say, perseverance leads to perfection. So, do not quit unless you reach there.

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